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Together UW is a crowdfunding platform open to registered student groups, staff, faculty and Rec or Club Sports teams. 


If this sounds like you and you're interested in launching a crowdfunding campaign, please complete the following application, which is required for all first time Together UW projects. 


Projects related to raising funds for salaries and/or stipends are not permitted on Together UW.


Has your group completed a Together UW campaign which ended after September 2018? If so, you do not need to complete this application again. Please email Priscilla McGraw  and let us know you're interested in partnering again. 


Note: Completing this application does not guarantee that your project will be hosted on Together UW

Note: Most questions allow up to a 255 character response. 


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Tell us about your project

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Please provide an overview of your project.*

Thoroughly explain the project purpose and how it will positively impact the UW community.

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Please list the organization, interest group, team, or department you represent.*

If you are UW Faculty or Staff, please list your complete title. Optional

What is your fundraising goal?*

Dollars or # of donors. We recommend goals of $2,000 to $20,000 and will advise on realistic goals.

What is your project deadline?*

When would you need your funds by?

If your funding need is urgent, please explain Optional

Please provide a project budget that breaks down how you would use all funds if your funding goal is met.*

Projects are required to reference their budget and projected costs within their case for support.

Are you able to explain how you will specifically use donor contributions?*

Every gift matters. Can you explain how $10 versus $1,000 will be used?

If your project does not meet its full funding goal, are you prepared to explain to your donors how any funding received would be used?*

Projects should be achievable within 30 to 45 days.

If possible, how will your crowdfunding team create incentives for potential donors to support your project?*

Perks can be tangible or intangible things to incentivize or reward philanthropic investments.

Who else is on your team to help create and promote your project?*

The more people you have on your team, the more successful you'll be.

Do you have a specific sponsoring faculty member, adviser, or staff member? If yes, please provide their name and email address. Optional

This will not apply to all applicants, but does apply to student organizations.

Who will you contact to support your project?*

Are you willing to solicit your friends and family for donations? the majority of your donations will come from your personal networks.*

Do you have digital images that you have the rights to use online to promote the project?*

These items will be important when building your campaign site and in social media promotion.

Do you have or are you able to produce a brief 1-2 minute video for your project?*

Please leave any other information that the Together UW team should be aware of*

If none, please write N/A
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