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Senior Class Gift Bothell 2019

Thank you supporting future UW Bothell students! We have raised a total of $100!

Senior Class Gift Bothell 2019

At UW Bothell, it is a pride-filled tradition for graduates to leave a legacy for future students through the Senior Class Gift Campaign. This year, the Class of 2019 is proud to support the Student Emergency Fund.


Student Emergency Fund History

This fund provides financial support to students experiencing financial crises and who otherwise could not stay in school. Students experiencing food insecurity, homelessness, large medical bills, or other hardships can apply for funding to ease these types of financial burdens to ensure they can complete their education.

Because of the past generosity of seniors who donated to the Student Emergency Fund, the United Way of King County has partnered with UW Bothell to double the amount of money available this year to help even more students facing financial hardship.

Benefits of Making a Gift 

As a donor, you'll not only help future students. You’ll also receive a free ticket to the 2019 Senior Class Party to celebrate your generosity and welcome you to the UW Bothell Alumni Family. To register for the 2019 Senior Class Party, please visit the 2019 Class Party website.

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