We appreciate your support. It provides an important resources to aid teams across the country, particularly in underserved communities, to participate in this auspicious event.

Apollo 50th Next Giant Leap Student Challenge (ANGLeS)

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Apollo 50th Next Giant Leap Student Challenge (ANGLeS)

On July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission landed the first two people on the surface of the moon. NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong took the first steps and famously proclaimed: "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."  To celebrate the achievements and innovations, the Apollo 50th Next Giant Leap Student Challenge (ANGLeS) seeks to provide an immersive opportunity for students across the country to recreate the landing using today's technologies. In so doing, participating students will gain important skills relevant to today's global STEM based economies.


We seek to particularly engage underserved and underrepresented communities where access to hands-on STEM opportunities are very limited. We want all students to believe they can also put their footprints on the Moon.  The equipment needed for a team to participate is about $500, but to many this amount can be prohibitive.


Your support of a specific team or just overall support would significantly aid teams to successfully develop skill sets not only relevant for the challenge but also highly relevant for the students's next steps, whether it be towards higher education or jobs in a STEM dominated market.


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Please help these wonderful students make their own footprints on the Moon and beyond.




Choose a giving level


Space Technician

Donations at this level will help a team buy supplies for building their community-relevant payload to be placed on the lunar surface Challenge map.


Lunar Lander Designer

Teams will use these funds to test various materials to build their lunar lander, which will allow them to optimize the size to mass ratio which is part of the Challenge requirements.


Space Flight Specialist

The Challenge uses drones as a means for developing skills in remote sensing and in aerospace engineering. They have been heavily discounted by the manufacturer and a donation at this level would help a team purchase their own system.


Navigation Specialist

The ANGLeS Challenge has an 8 ft by 10 ft map of the Apollo lunar site. Support at this level would assist a team/organization to buy their own map to test their devices and gain first hand experience and practice with an official Challenge Map.


Robotics Specialist

Support at this level would enable a team to buy their own robotics system so that they can practice for the Challenge, and also provides an important means for immersing students in a fun programming environment while learning an important skill set.


Mission Commander

A donation at this level allow a school/organization to to have multiple teams undertake the challenge, and provide teachers with equipment to keep teaching programming and engineering design well after the challenge. Sponsorship at this level would be recognized with the display of their logo on the web site and acknowledgement at the Hub Challenge(s).


Mission Controller

Support would aid multiple teams across a state to participate in the challenge, and enable programming to be taught across a full grade. Donors logos would be added to the web site, acknowledged at the regional challenge, and commemorative items given to the donor.

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